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Welcome to our forums. The Bristol Big'Uns are a group of people who enjoy fantasy, science fiction and historical wargames. We tend to play mostly table-top wargames but you will sometimes see CCGs, CMGs, RPGs or board games. If this sounds like a hobby you currently enjoy then why not come along. The club is based at Iron Acton, between Bristol and Yate, in the recently refurbished Parish Hall and is held Sunday evenings from 6 pm until 10 pm. There are tables and chairs available plus various sized scenic mats and terrain for table-top wargames. There is a 'tuck shop' happily providing crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks plus tea and coffee at a reasonable price.

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10/7/2020 12:40 PM  #1


Big ‘Uns Re-Opening Plan
We are waiting to hear exactly when we can re-open but 19th July looks likely. The first 3 meetings will be free whilst we adjust to the new normal.
The Parish Hall Committee are providing sanitiser at the entrance. Please use it upon entry to the premises every time. So, if you must make 3 trips to the car you will need to sanitise 3 times.
Big ‘Uns are providing cleaning materials. You are expected to wipe down tables and chairs at the start and end of the meeting.
MANDITORY. A record of who has attended a meeting must be kept for track and trace purposes. Also, the Parish Hall register must be signed by a responsible person (I believe it’s by the front door).
MANDITORY. All attendees are expected to have read the 2 risk assessments and signed off that they have done so. They are available at the link below and copies will be available on club nights.
MANDITORY. You must supply a face covering of some sort in case it is not possible to maintain 2m social distancing. Anyone without a face covering may be asked to leave.
MANDITORY. All games must be finished by 10pm on the night. By finished this means miniatures and dice packed away and just tables/chairs and terrain remaining out. We then must clean down.
Cleaning: All members will be responsible for wiping down the tables and chairs they use both before and after their games. Members will be responsible for wiping down any boxes that are not stored in the terrain cupboard before and after their games. This is because other hall users may touch these items.

Items stored in the terrain cupboard and within terrain boxes on the shelving rack are considered safe as Covid19 has a life span of 3 days on hard surfaces, so will be dead when we next use the items.

The battle mats do not need to be wiped over.
The Parish Hall Committee have decided to close the bar and kitchen areas. This means you can move through them to access other areas but cannot use equipment in those areas, such as kettles and glasses. Please bring all food and drink items you want to consume with you to a meeting.
The last person out at the end of a meeting will be required to wipe the door handles starting at the storeroom and working back through the hall to the entrance.

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10/7/2020 12:41 PM  #2


Have I missed anything?


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10/7/2020 2:12 PM  #3


Looks good to me


10/7/2020 2:55 PM  #4


Looks good 👍


10/7/2020 4:50 PM  #5


Great job Dave.

Are there any special requirements regarding use of toilets?
Is there need to mention don't go into other rooms, or use the phone (or touch anything you shouldn't).
Will the proposed advance payment approach work for occasional attendees?

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10/7/2020 6:57 PM  #6


Reads like a solid plan.  Thanks Dave


10/7/2020 7:31 PM  #7


Sounds very sensible and totally agreeable 😁


13/7/2020 1:53 PM  #8


Old g*t wrote:

Great job Dave.

1.Are there any special requirements regarding use of toilets?
2. Is there need to mention don't go into other rooms, or use the phone (or touch anything you shouldn't).
3. Will the proposed advance payment approach work for occasional attendees?

1. Not that I'm aware of. With everyone washing their hands and the amount of cleaning done in toilets they are probably pretty safe.
2. I don't want to over egg the pudding. I think people appreciate the situation we're in.
3. It should do. We are required to record names and phone numbers of all attendees every week.


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13/7/2020 1:56 PM  #9


Update from the Parish Hall Committee:

Iron Acton Parish Hall – Re-opening from Sunday 19th July 2020
We are pleased to let you know that the Hall will re-open on 19th July 2020.
To comply with Government advice, the Parish Hall Trustees wish to ensure all users can be guaranteed a safe and sanitised environment in which to return and access our facilities.
A copy of our risk assessment is attached but may be subject to change at any time in line with Government and Village Hall Guidelines. The Hall Management Committee have made every effort to ensure the hall is safe to use and that hirers know how to use it safely but hirers remain responsible for ensuring the safety of their users and ensuring that all guidance is followed. All other guests, visitors and contractors are requested to follow all normal precautions as advised by Government from time to time, our posters and hirers instructions.
If you have any concerns please advise the Hall Booking Secretary (Meryl Cook) on 01454 228405  or email them to
Please let me know when you are ready to re-commence your activities.
We have had to make some amendments to our conditions of hiring. An appendix to your hire agreement is attached for your information. Please read these conditions thoroughly to ensure you are aware of what is necessary to keep the Hall free of the Covid 19 virus and therefore open.
In addition, please note:
[*]The hirer must sign a record of usage each time the group uses the Hall. This will be kept in the lobby area. This is to confirm the name & number of the responsible person present at that session for ensuring the guidelines are followed.
[*]The hirer must keep a record of the name and telephone number of every person attending the session for Track and Trace purposes.
[*]The hiring group will be responsible for cleaning surfaces used regularly, during and at the end of hire.  Sanitiser or soap and water will be available on entry and exit to the hall
[*]The hall’s regular cleaning regime will be upgraded to take account of Covid 19 factors.
[*]Access will only be allowed during the specific time of hire.
[*]Persons waiting to collect hall users should adhere to social distancing at the front of the building or remain in a vehicle.
[*]You may need to amend your class start / finish time to ensure a safe change over period.
[*]A group risk assessment will be required for hall usage.
[*]All groups will need their own insurance cover.
[*]Isolation facilities will be available in the lobby room at the Hall entrance.
[*]The hire charge of the hall will remain the same as before the outbreak.
I would be very grateful if you could confirm by email that you have received, read and agree to the above information and additional conditions of hire.
The Parish Hall uses personal data for the purposes of managing hall bookings, finances, events, and publicity. I would also be grateful if you could confirm that you agree to us holding your personal data for the purposes of managing hall bookings, finances, events and publicity.
Best wishes
Meryl Cook
Bookings Secretary

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15/7/2020 6:56 AM  #10


Here is Lincombarn's reopening document:

Lincombe Barn Wargames Society: Operation from 12th July 2020

The club will be fully re-opening on Sunday, 19th July at our normal time of 3.00pm, we will be one of the few clubs meeting for a while at the Barn.
We need to comply with the guideline being set down by the Downend Folk House Association (DFHA), as well as the Government regulations.
Some of this may seem “over the top” to some of you, but please remember that the aim is not only to protect yourselves, but also other members of the club and your and their various households; and that some of us may be high risk, or live in households with people who are vulnerable.
To help ease people back and as compensation for the loss of some of our normal meetings, the meetings on the 19th July and 26th July will be free to members.
These rules will be kept under review to see how effective they are, and may be adjusted in the light of experience or to accord with any changes to government regulations.
Most importantly, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, or who has been in contact with someone with these symptoms within the previous seven days should not attend the club meeting until either that have been tested and given an all clear, or seven days have passed (14 if they live in a household with other people not currently showing symptoms).

Cleanliness of Hall and Equipment

To reduce the areas affected, there will be restrictions of the rooms that we enter.
A key holder will enter the Barn through the front door, and open up the fire escape as normal, all members must then enter and leave the Barn through the fire escape, with a key holder then exiting by the front door.
Until advised otherwise, no one is to enter or use the kitchen for any reason.
Initially only the disabled toilet is to be used, as this not only meets the need for social distancing, it reduces the number of rooms that need to be cleaned.
On arrival we will need to clean the touch points of the hall we are using (door handles, light switches etc.) and the tables and chairs we use. All scenery, except the cloths, will need to be brought down in boxes, again after cleaning the touch points. We will aim to organise things on the day to limit the number of people going to the scenery store.
The aim will be to have the scenery brought down / returned, and tables set up / taken down by as few people as possible; as an added precaution all tables must be covered by a cloth.
At the end of the meeting the touch points used will again be cleaned, and the black waste sack taken home for disposal.

Managing Social Distancing

Please remember that the new rule on social distancing is 1 metre plus, which means that wherever possible we should stay more than two metres apart, or if less than two metres (but not closer than one metre) we need to take some action to mitigate the risk. The only exception to this is where people are part of the same household.
To achieve this games will be set up at least two metres apart, and in playing the game people must stay at least one metre away from other players (who are not part of the same household), and when facing another person within 2 metres a face covering must be worn.
Where possible arrange games in advance, and let Andrew know, so that we can make sure enough tables will be available (see contact details below).
When playing a game all players will need to wear a face covering if within 2 metres to their front; however there will be an open area in or outside of the hall where people can have a break from wearing a mask, and to have a drink, etc.
Please minimise the number of people handling the terrain.
When playing the game, keep well back when not actively involved moving figures. During the game only touch your own sides figures, dice and tapes.
Only touch someone else’s figures with their consent, for instance where they are providing the figures for a game the aim should be for you to unpack, and repack the figures after the game (any contamination on the figures should die off after 72 hours).
In light of the above, no board games to be played until further notice.

Respiratory Hygiene

We must minimise the risk of transmitting the virus to other members of the club, and to achieve this members must wear face coverings when closer than two metres of someone to their front, and avoiding being closer than one metre to anyone.
People must also make they cover their mouths and nose, and look away from people if sneezing. Where possible use a tissue which should then be disposed of the black sack that will be provided, and then wash or sanitise your hands.
To ensure that there is good ventilation, the doors and a window to hall will be left open.

Hand Cleanliness

Use the hand sanitiser on arrival, when leaving; and after you have used the toilet or visited the scenery store. Please also make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after using the toilet, if paper towels are provided they should be used rather than the air dryer.
There will be some disposable gloves available, if needed to help protect your hands when moving tables, chairs etc.

Someone becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms.

The aim will be try and prevent transmission of the illness to other club members, and people in their households.
We are required to keep a register of everyone attending the club meetings, with everyone’s current mobile ‘phone numbers. It might be useful to also record which games you have been involved in.
Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, or who has been in contact with someone with these symptoms within the previous seven days should not attend the club meeting until either that have been tested and given an all clear, or seven days have passed (14 if they live in a household with other people not currently showing symptoms)
If you fall in during a club meeting, and are unable to drive home then you will be moved to the area identified by the DFHA, and someone contacted to drive you home,
Please advise Nick or Carole if you are confirmed as having COVID-19, or given the all clear (please see contact details below).
Please also advise Nick or Carole .if you have the symptoms for COVID-19 up to 48 hours after the club meeting, as you may have been contagious at the club meeting. (please see contact details below).
Everyone attending the same meeting as the person displaying the COVID-19 symptoms at, or up to 48 hours after the meeting, will be advised of the situation, and should self-isolate in line with government guidelines. (Please make sure that the club has your current mobile ‘phone number and email address)
In the interests of the safety of the membership, f the person is tested positive for COVID-19, there will be no meeting the following week.

Cash Handling

Due to the risks of the stock, and change being handled, and the subsequent risk of cross contamination, there will be no refreshments on sale for a while.
Initially the first couple of meeting will be free, following this, for the next few months members can pay £10 in advance for 4 meetings, alternatively people can continue to pay the normal fee provided they bring the correct money (current pre-payments will be taken into account).
The situation regarding cash handling will be kept under review and members advised as things develop.


A black sack, hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, cleaning materials, tissues and a limited supply of disposable face masks will be available, although members are expected to bring their own face coverings (any problems, let us know).

Contact Details

Games / Tables: Andrew ( )
COVID-19 Notifications: Nick (07910 700651 / ) or 3 Carole (07798 895867 / )

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16/10/2020 9:27 AM  #11


With introduction of the three tier system, club meeting viability once more hoves into view.

Below is how Lincombe Barn view matters:

As you are all aware the Government has introduced a three tier system governing the restrictions that apply in various areas.

Lincombe Barn is located in South Gloucester, and so will be governed by the risks that apply in that area.

Our membership live in a number of different areas, including Wales where they have their own regulations cover the response to the lock down.

At present the same level of information is not available to fully check the impact on our club by these changes, but based on what we do know it looks like that at the Medium Risk level our current measures should be OK. S.Glos has a significantly lower level of infection per 100k people than Bristol, and so is safely within the Medium Level.

It is not possible at present to be completely sure on the impact should it move to the High Level, but based on the guidance currently available it is likely that the club may need to close for a while again.

At the Very High Level there is very little doubt that we would need to close whilst were at that level.

For anyone living in a different area than the Barn, who may be subject to a different Risk Level (or in the case of Wales, different regulations) you will need to consider whether that impacts on your ability to attend. Hopefully the situation will become clearer as more information becomes available.

In summary, based on the current Risk Level in S.Glos, the club will continue to operate as usual.

Hope it helps

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Some questions answered:
Q: Where is the club?
A: It is at Iron Acton Parish Hall. The postcode is BS37 9UH.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Persons under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: This club sounds great, how much does it cost to join?
A: There is no membership fee. The club runs a play and pay system whereby you only pay subs if you have a game.

Q: Wow! How much are subs?
A: Subs are £3.00 per night.

Q: I'd like to play but don't have any stuff. Does the club provide this?
A: No. You must bring any models, cards, board games, books, dice etc that you need. The club provides tables, chairs, various sized scenic mats and terrain for table-top wargames plus a bunch of like-minded individuals.