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Welcome to our forums. The Bristol Big'Uns are a group of people who enjoy fantasy, science fiction and historical wargames. We tend to play mostly table-top wargames but you will sometimes see CCGs, CMGs, RPGs or board games. If this sounds like a hobby you currently enjoy then why not come along. The club is based at Iron Acton, between Bristol and Yate, in the recently refurbished Parish Hall and is held Sunday evenings from 6 pm until 10 pm. There are tables and chairs available plus various sized scenic mats and terrain for table-top wargames. Please bring with you any drinks or snacks that you require.

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22/2/2019 4:32 PM  #1

Dreadball stuff

Hi sports fans ;0),
I have a number items up for grabs if anyone is interested included almost complete basic set and Xtreme set,extra rule book and teams.
If you fancy getting into this great game;0) or just added an extra team to your collection drop me a message.


23/2/2019 5:43 PM  #2

Re: Dreadball stuff

What is needed to convert from version 1 to version 2?


23/2/2019 7:06 PM  #3

Re: Dreadball stuff

What teams are on offer? Just in case I fancy a little dabble

Kind regards

23/2/2019 7:32 PM  #4

Re: Dreadball stuff

Andy, as far as I can tell you need rules, cards, tokens and probably a pitch(you might be able to use 1st Edition but not sure).
I can do you the above for a £10 if you want basic rules or £15 with upgraded rules or the starter set unboxed missing just the Ref for £25.

Rob, I’ve got at the moment  Z’Zor (bugs), Kalyshi (Kind of witch Elves) and Convicts (human + alien prisoners) 9 to 10 players teams. More might come available.
£5 a team.

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24/2/2019 12:01 AM  #5

Re: Dreadball stuff

Hiya mate, the £15 option sounds good . I am not around this Sunday but will be playing John on 3rd March if that is any good for you?


24/2/2019 12:12 AM  #6

Re: Dreadball stuff

Ok Andy,will bring on the 3rd.

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24/2/2019 3:30 PM  #7

Re: Dreadball stuff


I might be interested in something, if you catch this message in time, bring along the starter set , the convicts and the kalysi so I can take a closer look please.. I suspect something will give, particularly the convicts

Kind regards

04/3/2019 5:06 PM  #8

Re: Dreadball stuff

Thanks Steve, much appreciated


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Some questions answered:
Q: Where is the club?
A: It is at Iron Acton Parish Hall. The postcode is BS37 9UH.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Persons under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: This club sounds great, how much does it cost to join?
A: There is no membership fee. The club runs a play and pay system whereby you only pay subs if you have a game.

Q: Wow! How much are subs?
A: Subs are £4.00 per night.

Q: I'd like to play but don't have any stuff. Does the club provide this?
A: No. You must bring any models, cards, board games, books, dice etc that you need. The club provides tables, chairs, various sized scenic mats and terrain for table-top wargames plus a bunch of like-minded individuals.